Sunday, January 27, 2013

{sky zone}

We went with some of our school friends to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, the other day, and being a photographer, I spent almost as much time taking pictures as jumping :)


  1. Same here! "being a photographer I spent almost as much time taking pictures as---(insert activity)"
    These are really cool too! There's just something about pictures of people in midair that's just neat. Especially the second to last where you caught them both flipping over. =D


  2. That's awesome! I love the mid-air shots you got!
    Miss you. :)

  3. Haha! Super man Mason.

    Those pictures are very cool.
    And seriously? An indoor trampoline park? My little brothers would have thought they'd died and gone to heaven. lol.

    1. Oh yeah - it's pretty fun :) Your little brothers would love it! It's a great place for little boys to get out their energy :) And for big boys to show off so they can look cool for the pictures haha :)

    2. Haha, I agree. They DEFINITELY have energy to spare.
      .....And that last part you said is very true as well ;) lol.
      Miss you.

  4. That looks like SO much fun!! And I love your pics! I am so very proud of you, my sweet niece, and I love you very much!!
    -Aunt Deb


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