Friday, May 3, 2013

Funny Five Friday {3}

Greetings, blogging brethren!  (Sorry, I'm in a weird mood today, just go with it)  I'm finally getting around to posting another Funny Five Friday!  I'm so bad at having to post something on a certain day - I'll think about it, but of course I never think about it on a Friday.  BUT, never fear, dear bloggers, I remembered today! Enjoy! 

If you don't know what the Japanese flag looks like, then 
A. go back to geography class (or whatever class they teach that in nowadays.  Would that be social studies?  What is social studies anyway?)
B. just Google it
And then once you'll see it, you'll understand it like the rest of us who paid attention in geograstudies class (that's what I decided to name the class where you learn about flags....cuz I'm cool like that).

Story of my life.  Here's the procedure for making an important phone call for me:
Step 1(optional): procrastinate and try to save it until later
Step 2: go into the guest room/my parents' room/a closet/a place where no one can hear me
Step 3: get the phone number ready and take a moment to gear myself up for the call
Step 4: call the number, pace around the room, and mentally debate which is worse - them picking up and having to talk to them, or getting the machine and having to deal with them calling back

I dunno why I don't like making important phone calls, but I just don't.