Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thoughts From The Mirror: We Are Jesus Christ

Haha so you are probably wondering why I called this post "thoughts from the mirror" :)  Well whenever God puts a Scripture, song lyrics, or just a thought on my heart, I take a whiteboard marker and write it on my mirror.  So "thoughts from the mirror" is where I'll share those things with you all :)

In the BBC TV show Robin Hood, (one of the best shows ever, by the way :) they often use the phrase "We are Robin Hood!"  It came from an episode where Robin had almost died and one of the members of his gang asked what they would've done if he had died.  Robin replies that they would've continued to help the poor because Robin Hood isn't just a person, it's an idea, a cause they all fight for.  He said Robin Hood is the spirit of England and England's only hope.
So I was thinking about that phrase the other day, and God gave me the phrase "We are Jesus Christ!"  You see, Jesus did die - of course He rose from the dead and is now in Heaven, but he's not physically here on earth to continue to love people and advance the kingdom of God.  So it's our job to continue the work Jesus started while He was on earth.  The people we come in contact with everyday won't meet Jesus, but they'll meet us, and if we believe that "We are Jesus Christ" we will live in a way that shows them Jesus.  We are Jesus's representatives - the ones who have the Spirit of God in us, so we have to live like it.

Haha hopefully that makes as much sense in writing as it did in my head :)


  1. Such sweet thoughts Mal :) I enjoy that you're sharing pieces of yourself and your thoughts on your blog. I miss you, girl! :)

  2. I love this. It's an honor to think we represent Christ, but also a challenge. That's convicting! I need to make sure I'm living so people can see Him in my life. :)

  3. This is a great reminder to love others like Jesus does.


  4. Inspired me to do better today, Mal, to love as Jesus loved and be his representative here on earth. Love, Aunt Julie

  5. Don’t worry, you made sense. :) And it’s very true.

  6. Hello, Thanks for following me! I follow you!

  7. Love this. Good post.

    P.S. I awarded you.


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