Saturday, September 22, 2012

{things that make me laugh}

  • My friends - we are sooo craaaazy! :)
  • Worldview class - because of the previously mentioned crazy friends - we've drawn ducks out of the capital letter S (before class officially started :), made fun of the old/poorly done lectures/movies we have to watch, fought over seating arrangements, and other fun stuff :)
  • This music video - haha there's nothing better than grown men acting like kids :) And it's a catchy song :)

  • The word "ooze" - in a prayer with the youth group worship team, our leader couldn't think of the word he wanted when he was asking for the Holy Spirit to come and move during worship, so he just used "ooze," and we were all like, "what?":)  Haha so now ooze is a funny word to me :)
  • Me - haha sometimes I have to just laugh at myself - like the other day I came to the realization that the Winter Olympics are in the Winter, not the Summer :) 
What makes you laugh?


  1. YOU make me laugh:) Haha I totally drew ducks on the plane ride- I had to make up for missing class!;)

  2. What makes ME laugh? Hmmm, probably two of my friends, Kaelah and Dan. They just say the funniest things!!

  3. Your cousin, Jake, every time he says, "I'm about to!" whenever I ask him to do something or if he's done something! Love this post, Mal! Love, Aunt Julie

  4. You know what makes me laugh- that hysterical video of the animated hippo and dog singing "In The Jungle." PLEASE put a link on here so your friends can see the dog's little dance moves. PLEASE!!!



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