Thursday, February 14, 2013

life in iphone pictures...

...because your phone is the place where you capture everyday life :)

Enjoy a tour through the pictures on my iPhone!

Warning: most of these pictures are basically of how crazy fun my family, friends, and I are...

I dare you to say that he's not the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life.... Go ahead, try, you can't do it! (He wore these 3D glasses with the lenses punched out to church :)

My brother texts this to me one

Megan and I tried coffee for the first time...and absolutely hated it... But, hey, at least we can say that we tried it now!

I got a pair of glasses.  Do I need glasses? No.  Did I want glasses?  Yes. Do they make me look smart?  Yes.  Nuff' said. 

Lookin' good with my face mask :)

My Vera Bradley obsession collection :)  I now have 11 items in Boysenberry, my pattern!  That's not excessive, is it?

Yeah, I go to accessory stores with my friends and take pictures wearing random things we find... Do you not?

 And last but not least, pictures from my Youth and Government State conference :)  
1. There's a banquet night when we all dress up, so I got this new dress!!
2. Haha my brother has a polar bear hat that he wears all the time :)
3.  The beautiful Texas Capitol building!
4. The youth governor signing my bill into "law"  If you're not familiar with Youth and Government, that's not going to make any sense, but the picture looks all official, so I like it :) 


  1. great pics, Mal! You haven't tried coffee before either?? We need to do more shopping adventures in Town Square, this time catching you up on the necessities of life :) love your glasses...and your VB collection :) I'm laughing silently about the impromptu fashion display you did at school to educate people on Vera Bradley, and the specific name that was given to one of your bags... :) Congrats on your bill!!!
    Love, Hannah :)

  2. I love these picture posts!! Please do more :)

    1. The glasses are awesome! I am still trying to convince my family that I should get some non-perscription glasses, cause they make me look so smart. ;) haha
    2. Is that seriously a face mask?! Wow, Mal. Wow. What is it made of??
    3. Mason really knows how to make some awesomely weird pictures....
    4. I'm in love with that dress you got, and seriously REALLY want it. haha.

    Love ya,

  3. Oh cool---You're the first blogger I've met who has mentioned that they do Youth and Government too!!

    Three cheers for Y&G! ;)

    Plus, your dress is really extremely awesome. :)

    1. I know! I haven't heard any other bloggers mention it either! It's cool that you do it too!
      -mal :)

  4. You look good in glasses, Mal! Love the new dress. Love, Aunt Julie

  5. The key to good coffee is lots of sugar filled coffee creamer!!! Think International Delight cinnabon flavor. . . . :) Love your pics!

  6. Hey! Thanks for the comment! :D I read your about me and was psyched to know you're a fellow Christian, Homeschooler, BBC lover, and snack queen! :D I'm totally following your blog now. I love it.
    your pictures are full of so much happy!! I love them. :D (Is that top picture your little brother?? He's SO cuute! <3)
    Thanks again for stopping by my page!

    1. {p.s. You hate coffee???? Oh my word. no. lol. I'm a HUGE coffee addict. :D Do you prefer tea? most people I know that hate coffee are tea people. lolz. <3}

    2. Hey there! Thanks for following my blog!
      No - it's my little cousin ;) He's adorable :)
      Actually I don't really like tea either... I'm kinda weird :)

  7. hey i'm homeschooled too! :p anyways, i totally love that lace dress you wore! so cute!
    Julianna, :)

  8. Oooh I love this!! Awesome pictures!

  9. A girl can never have to many Vera Bradleys!!! The first time I tried coffee I was on an airplane sitting next to a french guy (how romantic is that??!?) and then I just about spewed it everywhere. I always ruin those moments somehow....?


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-mal :)