Saturday, December 15, 2012


What I've been up to lately (in a bullet point list cuz I can't think of a cute way to do it :)
  • This Thursday I went on a field trip with my worldview class (Bible, history, literature, and writing all in one class).  We went to the fine arts museum to look at paintings and two churches/cathedrals since we were studying Gothic architecture.  It would've been a fun field trip....if you like art and architecture...and I don't.... And it it was about 3 hours long and we were standing for most of that time, which isn't too fun cuz your back and feet start hurting 5 minutes into the field trip.  But we got to hang out with friends, so that was fun :) 

  • Thursday night my family went to a Christmas play at a small theater where we always see the Christmas play each year.  It was a lot of fun :)
(At the play with my best friend, who happens to be my brother ;)
  • Thursday night/morning (are you getting the feel that Thursday was a busy day? ;) we went to got see the midnight premier of the Hobbit.  It was so amazingly fun because practically everyone I've ever known was a the theater...and of course it's so much more fun at midnight with your friends :)  I went to bed at 3:45 and woke up at 11:45 :)  It wasn't exactly my kind of movie - it was a little too much fighting and other-worldly stuff in it, but hey it's Lord of The Rings :)  My favorite actor, Richard Armitage (from North and South, the BBC Robin Hood TV show, and Captain America) was in it though, so that was really cool :)  He looks waaaay different as Thorin Oakenshield :)

Me and my friend with her awesome elf ears at the midnight showing :)
  • Other stuff going on: highschool homeschool Christmas party, family in town, hosting a My Favorite Stocking Stuffers party at my house, getting my iPhone 5, discovering emoticons on said iPhone 5, and finishing up school for Christmas break! :)


  1. What is a My Fav Stocking Stuffers Party? How does that work? Sounds like it would be fun to host!

    1. Everyone brings three of their favorite stocking stuffers, we do an exchange, and everyone goes home with three of other people's favorite stocking stuffers! It's a lot of fun!
      -mal :)

  2. Our family went to see The Hobbit, too, but in the morning instead ☺. I agree there were some pretty weird things in it, but besides that I loved it! I love all of your photos, by the way!

    Love, Audrey ♥

  3. I love the relationship you have with your brother! Brother/sister relationships are the best... especially considering the main character in the novel I'm writing is really close to her older brother--she practically clings to him! There is something so sweet about said relationships. :) Besides, I suppose it helps too that I have an older brother I've been really close to ever since I was born. ;)

    It sounds like your Christmas season is kicking off full swing! It sounds marvelous. My family is about to move out of a tiny little two-bedroom apartment (for a family of seven I might add) and into a brand-new big beautiful house that has been being built the past couple months. So we are awfully excited! Then good friends of ours are coming up to visit family in the area, so seeing them will be a huge treat. :) And then the Christmas tradition of visiting family and enjoying an organized chaotic Christmas Eve. Ah, good times! ;)

  4. Your old aunt pj could not have stayed awake for a midnight movie! Uncle mark would have been right there with you tho!

  5. *Smile* I just love the relationship you and Mason have. Just makes me happy.

    Its like "wait for it...wait for it...See, I knew she would talk about Armitage!" ;) haha. He is reason enough to see the movie, seriously.
    But really, some people are comparing him to Aragorn....Is that even slightly necessary? Was he that good??

    And all that Christmas stuff sounds so very fun. :)

    Oooh, and I understand what you mean about the emoticons, cause I heard Ashley's squeal half way across the world when she discovered them. haha. She was thrilled, as I'm sure you are. :) New Apple products are just soo exciting!

  6. The AD Players play was HYSTERICAL!


  7. Why does this seem so familiar??;)

  8. Hobbitses! I'm re-reading the book now, 'cause we're going to see it after Christmas! Can't wait!
    That is neat that you're best friends with your bother; my brother and I would probably be really good friends if we didn't happen to be 6 years apart...though that might be a good thing, considering how, trouble? Scrapes? We get into seperately...;)


  9. The Hobbit was EPIC! Yeah...Armitage was looking good all bearded and dirty...and short? Cute post! Love your blog!

    Little Lady

  10. Sounds like you've been kept busy and having a lovely Christmas season thus far. :) Lovely post!



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