Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Christmas Time!

Here is my Christmas decorations post, as requested by Lauricia!!!

 A couple of the nutcrackers from my collection of around 46 nutcrackers :)

We have a huge Christmas village that takes 9 hours for us to set up :)  But it's tons of fun :)

     Me as a kid                                                  Mason as a kid                                            Mason as a kid

  Me as a kid                                                                                                 Mom as a kid :)

Christmas totally snuck up on me this year - can you believe it's under a week away?!?
It hasn't really felt like Christmas to me this year.  Maybe it's cuz we've had an unusually warm winter (I was really hot outside yesterday, and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt).  I've learned that Christmas loses its magic as you get older, because every year I've gotten less and less excited about it.  It makes me sad, but I guess it just comes with growing up!  

I hope y'all have an amazing Christmas!


  1. I have a friend who has a nutcracker collection too! they are too cute!

    Your decorations are fantabulous!

  2. I had no idea you had 46...what a great collection! Love the ornaments. Miss you! Love, Aunt Julie

  3. Great pictures of the village. Love it!


  4. I love your house at chritmastime! But not as much as I love tht picture of your mom on the tree! Ha!

  5. Lovely Christmas stuff. And wow! 46 nutcrackers?!?! Wow Mal. Wow. That's intense. haha.

    I can so see the resemblance in all of you! Its adorable :)

    When you were talking about Christmas and it losing its Magical-ness, I felt like you were reading straight from my journal. I said those very words this Christmas. I really get where you're coming from. Really. I've been feeling that so much this year.

    Great post! And thanks for sharing it!
    Love and miss you, girl!

  6. Oooh I love your village. We have one too but it's not that big. We always have a hard time trying to find a surface in the house that will fit it all though, haha. Love it!

  7. The Christmas village sounds (and looks) awesome! I collect Santas, so last year I made a little Santa Village in my room. It wasn't nearly as elabroate as this though :)


  8. Wow, Mal! That's an awesome Christmas village, I love to just look, and look, and look...they're so neat!
    Oh, I agree with you on christmas just sneaking up, seemed like I just noticed it was December and Poof! 25 is a week away! =D
    Those are really good pictures too, good job! =)


    Late Merry Christmas!


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