Saturday, November 17, 2012

November Photo Challenge {Week 3}

November 12: Drink

November 13: Where you slept.
Yes - I still sleep with a stuffed animal.  His name is Geoffrey Scott, and he's a knock-off pillow pet they were giving out at a baseball game....we've been inseparable ever since :)

November 14: man-made
A doll my dad got me from Norway :)

November 15: in your bag
My awesome aunts always keep me stocked up on Sonic gift cards :)

November 16: the view from your window

November 17: the last thing you bought
Vera Bradley pencil case

I just had to put this on here cuz it's pretty cool!


  1. Nooo way! That's the view from your bedroom window?! Why is Texas sooo beautiful and summery? I think I may cry now....*Immediately sits up in chair* I need to come to Texas. Post haste.

    The PianoGuys are awesome indeed....
    Have you seen their Bourne Vivaldi video? Its breathtaking....
    On that subject, have you seen the new Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner?

    1. Yes! Come down here right now! :)
      I haven't really seen it, but I'll check it out :)
      No, i haven't seen the movie - have you?
      <3 mal

    2. I want to...I've always wanted to...But now that you live there, I want to all the more. Awe man, if only the money was flowing in faster. Someday though, I will go to Texas. And we'll have a blast. :)

      Its really epic...And...Just really awesome.
      Concerning the movie, no, I haven't seen it. Yet. I would really like to though. I saw the first 3 Bourne movies (of course with some stuff skipped through) and just have to say I really like action movies like that. Plus, Renner is in it, so that's just another reason. haha.

  2. Your aunts are awesome! Especially that PJ one! ;)

  3. Ha, I have a stuffed animal too, a beagle from when I was 'bout 7. =D
    Yeah, that video is awesome, that kind of piano would be fun to have.



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