Wednesday, November 21, 2012

if you met me

Inspired by Petie, one of my favorite bloggers ever :)

(Hey y'all, did I ever tell you that I won a photo contest in my neighborhood with this picture? :)

If you met me, we would go to Sonic (at happy hour of course, because who wants to pay full price for a slushy that costs a dollar)

If you met me, I would ask if you’ve seen the BBC show Robin Hood, then convince you that we should watch an episode because it is the best show ever

If you met me, I would interrogate you on your tastes in music, hoping that they would match up with mine

If you met me, I’d probably end up telling you the story of how I met Anthem Lights at the Newsboys concert

If you met me, I might awkwardly ask you if you would mind if we went on a photo shoot, because I don’t really have many people to take pictures of

If you met me, I’d probably abruptly change subjects in the middle of a sentence because it reminded me of something else 

If you met me, I’d end up showing you our music room

If you met me, I’d probably tell you about how Richard Armitage is going to be in Hobbit and then tell you all the other movies he’s in

If you met me, I’d probably say that my room is a mess (cuz it probably would be)

If you met me, we’d end up on the topic of school 

If you met me, you’d probably get lost when I tried to tell you what grade I’m and how I’m a non-homeschooled homeschooler

If you met me, I’d try to see if you like Jane Austen, then which Pride and Prejudice movie you like better (then try to convince you that the Keira Knighley version is better and that Ending isn’t dorky, it’s important to the story)

If you met me, I’d mention my friends every other sentence 

If you met me, we’d laugh a lot

If you met me, we’d eat a lot. Like, a lot.

If you met me, I’d probably show you the nine Vera Bradley bags I have in my pattern

If you met me, we’d have a lot of fun


  1. Replies
    1. Yup! The guitarist from Abandon (my friend's brother-in-law) took me backstage and I got to meet Alan and Caleb while they were working out after they did the show :) They were super nice and talked to us for a while! It was so amazingly fun :)

  2. Hey lovely! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog


  3. Haha, I must have met you yesterday then. I do believe we almost covered each and every one of those subjects. haha. :)

    Everyone should meet you, Mal. You're just fabulous.

  4. Awww, this was so good! Okay. So. Now the level of how cool I think it would be to meet you has gone up to the skies! =)

  5. Me too! I never have enough people to take pictures of but I'd like to improve...but everyone always looks the other way or ducks! It's terrible...=D
    That picture is realy neat too, are those blueberries?


    1. No, they're just some random berries in my front yard that turn into flowers :)

  6. Well now I want to meet you! ;D

  7. I am so lucky that I don't have to wish I could meet you! I have the best daughter EVER!!


  8. Seriously. . . why does anyone go to Sonic at a time other than Happy Hour? :)

  9. Ha, we go to sonic every day must be a homeschooler thing! :)

  10. What's Sonic? (Gahhh, feel sooo silly for asking that kind of question, but I have no idea.)

    1. Haha I guess they don't have them in Canada, so I'll cut you some slack :) It's a fast food place where you pull up in the parking lot and they have menus by each spot and microphone to the kitchen for you to order with. Then they bring it out to you (or you just got through the drive-thru :) They serve hamburgers and stuff, but we go for the ice cream, shakes, drinks, or slushies :) If you come down I'll take you there :)

  11. Heya, I love your blog!! I'm your newest reader :)

    What's an unhomeschooled homeschooler? Haha I was a homeschooled homeschooler! :D

    P.S. I totally disagree with you about Pride & Prejudice, but I still want to follow your blog, lol!

    1. Hi, Lacey! (I love your name and how it's spelled, by the way :)

      Haha well my mom doesn't teach me any of my school anymore - I go to a "homeschool school" and take classes once or twice a week from teachers. But I've been homeschooled all my life, and I still consider myself to be homeschooled :)

      Haha I know a lot of people who disagree with me about Pride and Prejudice, but I still love 'em anyway :) I'm glad you're sticking around in spite of it ;)

      Thanks for following! I really appreciate it!

  12. I know you wanted to put, "if you met me, you would know that my aunt PJ is the coolest aunt ever!", but you didn't want your other aunts to read it and get their feelings hurt...
    I am incredibly luck to know you Mal- you're a blessing in my life!

  13. Hey Mal!

    So I've seen you around the blogosphere, and I was first introduced to your awesome new blog by Megan. Anyway, I keep finding myself coming back to here and finally decided it was about time to actually follow it. ;)

    Ooh, and might I say I understood what you meant by a "non-homeschooled homeschooler"? (it might have had something to do with the fact that through comments, etc. on Megan's blog that I saw you went to a tutorial together but we can skip by that if you want... ;)) I was one of those once. Well, actually I was both a non-homeschooled homeschooler and a homeschooled homeschooler at the same time. But now I'm just a homeschooled homeschooler. ;) (yes, I have an infinite pride for our type ;))

    Alright, after that confusing comment, I'll close by saying I think you'd be an awesome person to meet. :)

    Love in Christ,


    1. Hi, Emily! Thanks so much for following! It means a lot!

      Haha yes! Someone understands! I was a true homeschooler through and through until I got to middle school, and I'm closer to homeschooling than private schooling right now, so I still proudly call myself a homeschooler :)

      I hope your week is wonderful and blessed!
      -mal :)

  14. Love this type of post!!!

    I'm lovin' your blog BTW:)

    Kianna Rose

  15. LOVE this, Mal! I'm going to do my own version soon (if you don't mind me stealing your idea!;)

  16. If I met you, I think we would have a splendid time. ;) Cute post, deary.
    By the way, thank you for always leave the sweetest notes in my garden walk. They are very much appreciated.

    >>----> joyfully tending her garden @


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