Friday, April 5, 2013

little things {1-20}

Idea taken from the amazing Petie's blog :)

          1.  An amazing and Spirit-filled Easter service at my church last Sunday

2.  Not hating studying the French Revolution like I thought I would
3.  LOVING reading Tale of Two Cities by Dickens for school. (I hated it the first time I read it cuz I didn't understand it, but I'm loving it the second time around :)
4.  Literally on the floor crying due to laughing so hard while looking at funny things on Pinterest with my brother
5.  Absolutely falling in love with Versailles and dreaming about going to Paris. I'm so far gone that I replaced one of the pretty rose pictures I took with this picture of Versailles as my phone wallpaper. (Side note: we got asked a couple years ago if we wanted to move to Paris for my dad's job.  We said no, but how amazing would that have been?!?)
6.  Having so much fun at my school debate over the ratification of the Constitution 
7.  Watching Duck Dynasty with the family on the weekends
8.  3 more weeks and I'M DONE WITH PHYSICS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!! 
9.  My beautiful and perfect new house
10.   I used to dread running, but now I'm starting to like it a little bit (emphasis on little) since I get to run in the field by the woods behind our new house
11.    Grabbing Darcy and going for walks in the little woods behind our house
12.    My senior friends that are graduating this year that have taught and helped me so much over the years
13.   Figuring out part of the Lord of the Rings song on the piano by ear
14.    Laughing at Looking at pictures of my friends in old yearbooks

15.  Getting tickets to go see For King and Country live
16.  New shoes J
17.  Laughing with my friends
18.  Super-soft American Eagle hoodie jackets
19.  Still getting candy in Easter baskets at 15
20.  Realizing that an actor is in several movies I’ve seen


  1. Aw, so this so neat, Mal! I love your blog, by the way. Just sayin'. ;)

  2. This post makes me happy, happy, happy :)

  3. This is great, I enjoyed reading it. =D
    3. Tale of Two cities; have you seen the old black and white movie of it? It's... it's really moving. I haven't read the book, but I figure if the movie had the story of redemption in there, the book probably did too.
    4. That's awesome! There's some pretty funny things on Pinterest, that's for sure!
    9. You moved? Is that one reason you've been kinda quiet on blogger lately? =)
    13. Oh I just love it when that happens! =D Finding songs by's just the best. <3
    16 Running shoes? Yes?

    Good to hear from you Mal. =)


    1. I haven't seen it, but I'm about to watch a version of it with my class for school! It's a great story, and I love how Dickens presents the theme of love expressed through sacrifice throughout the book :)

      Yup! We're all moved in and settled now! Yeah - a lot of things kinda get thrown to the side during the whole moving process, and quite honestly, I just forgot to post, but I should be back at it now!

      I know, right?!? It's just so rewarding ;)

      No - not new running shoes - just spring-y shoes :) But new running shoes are awesome :)
      Thanks for the comment!
      -mal :)

  4. I love posts like this! :)
    I need to watch some more Duck's the real deal. ;)
    Oh, and I've also started to love running!

    Miss you!! :)

  5. I love this post! (What am I saying? I love ALL of your posts!)

    Yah for learning LOTR music on the piano! I only dream of that. haha. Its so sad, I want to learn the beginning piano part on "Hall of fame", yet I seriously can't play piano....

    Yes! Paris!! We can move there together! haha. I really really want to go there.

    My sister and I died laughing at things on Pinterest as well. The things people come up with! Definitely a quick way to brighten your day.

    Love ya.

  6. Paris is my dream city. I'm dying to go.

  7. The French Revolution is a fascinating time era albeit a bit gory. :P But then I've always been a history nut. *smile* Loved reading this! ;) xoxo | grace

  8. Books: YES!
    Pinterest: YES!
    Duck Dynasty: YES!
    LOTR on the piano: YES!
    Oh my word, you are a wonderful person:)
    Enjoying this post very much;)


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