Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Obsessions Lately :)

My new American Eagle sweatshirt :) It's soooo soft and was on sale! Could it get much better?  Texas just needs to get colder so I can start wearing it without sweating to death...

Michael Cavallo, the guitarist for the Christian band Manic Drive - he has the craziest style of playing I have ever seen, but it's cool to watch :)  I don't even understand how he makes noise sometimes with the crazy stuff he does, but somehow he makes it work!

The bass line for the song This Is How We Overcome - it's sooo fun!  I freaked out when I first heard it cuz it's so fast and awesome, but I finally figured it out.  I'm playing it in church this Sunday, so that'll be fun :)

Colder weather!!!  I want it to come so badly!  We've had a couple little tastes of it lately, but it's super hot right now.

My 3 new Bath And Body Works body sprays - Warm Vanilla Sugar, Carried Away, and Sweet Pea - they all smell soooo good!  You know how video blogs are called vlogs?  Well I wish I could do a smlog so you could smell them :)

Football - haha I love playing ultimate football and flag football :)

Happy Saturday, y'all! Hope yours is awesome!


  1. Okay, that smlog line was quite funny!


  2. That guy is very interesting.....He reminds me of someone....Let me see.....Iron Man maybe?

    You want cold weather? I wish I could throw some of my snow over to you. We could go skating here!! haha.

    Bath and Body Works is awesome. So are there christmas hand sanitizers :) Love Love Love.

    My nick name used to be sweet pea. Haha, that was random, but your thing about sprays triggered it. haha.

    Hope you had a wonderful Saturday! Love ya!

    1. Haha Iron Man? I've never thought that before :)
      Please send your cold down here!!! It was sooo hot today - my soccer game was miserable :( Haha I'm not that good at skating - you'd have to hold me hand :)

      Hey that's not an awful nickname! Mine are Tweeter, Tweet, Sweet Precious Doll Girl, and Mal :)

    2. Haha, yeah, the thought just popped out of no where. haha.
      You know it would be awesome to skate with you...Especially if you need to hold my hand. haha. Any day you decide you wanna visit me, I'll take you skating, and we'll hold hands the whole time. :)

      Sweet nicknames! :) I have a few others too....I've forgotten some of them though. I used to be called Princess ALL the time.


  3. Oooh...You should do a vlog sometime! I would really enjoy that....Ever consider it??

    1. Yeah that'd be cool! I've never really thought about it - I don't think I'd be very good at it though :)

    2. Oh Psshh! You'd be good at it! :) You could ask your blog people if they had question about you or your life or whatever, and then they could comment and tell you, and you could do an answer question video. Just a thought. I might do one of those sometime.......Not sure.

  4. I love colder weather, also...but it is 90 degrees here today in Odessa. I'd like to "smlog" some of that warm vanilla sugar! Love, Aunt Julie

  5. I know I am SO ready for cold weather!


    PS Here is my blog! Check it out if you want!

  6. How did I know you we're going to post about that jacket...??

    PS. I'm coming over to steal it.

  7. That guitar player is crazy! Can I have your cozy sweatshirt when it's too small? :)

  8. Yes, I'm with mom, I thought the smog line was a good one. I am ready for colder weather, too! I like the flower pics below, thinking of making anymore notecards with those? I love you!
    Aunt Chew


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