Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Fun and The Not So Fun

Here's the fun and the...well...not so fun stuff that's going on in my life right now:

The Fun
  • Soccer starts this week! I'm so excited to get back to doing what I love.  I'm sad that I won't be with my old team, though - lots of good times with them over the years :)
  • I have a lot of new music that I like - I need to get some more though.....any suggestions?
  • I get to hang out with Megan at the Texan's football game tonight 
  • I'm going to the Dynamo game tomorrow night with my dad and brother :) (That's professional soccer, for those of you who don't know :)

The Not So Fun
  • From reading three chapters from the Odyssey and the Aenied, I have to write an expository paragraph on what the Greco-Roman view of Hell is..... and my teacher even admitted that their view of Hell is "fuzzy" and "contradictory" Great. Cuz she's gonna want a paragraph that is clear and uncontradictory  (spell check is telling me this isn't a word, but I'm gonna go for it anyway - who hasn't made up a couple words in their day? :)
  • I've had to say goodbye to a couple of really good friends who have either moved or gone to college
  • Physics homework....nuff said...
  • Having to try to adjust to (and figure out) a new teacher's rules and way of doing things

And cuz this post needs a picture here's one my favorites from Alaska (I know it was already on Mal's Pics, but I really like it :)


  1. Love it, Mal! These posts are so interesting to read. I remember those berries! They're from by that old church in Ketchikan. The historical one we couldn't get into ;) Oh, I can't believe we had those wonderful experiences. MISS YOU!


  2. I would also classify Physics as "not so fun." I didn't even take Physics in High School. Ha! :) Brandon and I would love to watch you play soccer, so let us know when you have a game!

  3. Love your blog(: And i love soccer! Cute postings! You got a new follow! :D

  4. Hey, you are way up on your Aunt Chew in the Academics category! I need a new, good book, like you needing new music. I know you will do great on your new soccer team. I love you! I enjoyed reading your entry, too!
    Aunt. Chew


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